Tire Spike

Control Unauthorized Entry with Rapid Tire Deflation

Designed to prevent unauthorized entry into your property, our Tire Spike is an American crafted solution for unauthorized motor vehicle use. Control authorized entry with this rapid tire deflation spike.

Useful to auto repossessors, collateral agents, military personnel, and anyone needing to deter unauthorized pursuers, this Tire Spike always lands point up to create an effective obstacle.
  • Rapid Tire Deflation
  • American Made
  • 100% Metal
  • Shipped to your door via USPS
Our Tire Spike is designed with the physical security of your personal private property or sensitive location in mind. Of course, each Tire Spike should be used with the utmost caution to ensure that only unauthorized entrants are affected. An effective, inexpensive way to manage your property!

A new Tire Spike shipment is now available for delivery within North America! To order, use one of the buttons below with your existing PayPal account. A PayPal account is not required if you use your credit card during the ordering process.

Order a single Tire Spike for $3 + $4 shipping. That's $7 to bring this American Made solution to your doorstep.

Or, order a group of 6 for $28 ($20 + $8 shipping) for a cost-effective and functional security solution.